If you are looking for car or motorcycle transport or if you bought your vehicle in any auto auction, Alaska Express, Corp should be your choice for door to door enclosed auto transport.

Only Enclosed Carrier between Alaska and Lower 48

We are the only enclosed auto carrier between Alaska and the Lower 48. Having 11 loading facilities in United States and an in-depth knowledge of specific auto transport laws and regulations, the Alaska Express, Corp team is dedicated to the smooth and efficient auto transport process that meets all the needs and expectations of it’s clients.

International Shipping

As cars in the US tend to have the lowest prices globally, naturally, the most popular export goods from the US are cars. However, export of cars presents the challenges of its own for the international buyers.

Having an in-depth knowledge of specific car export laws and regulations Alaska Express Corp. team is dedicated to smooth and efficient car export process that meets all the needs and expectations of the clients.

At Alaska Express Corp. we offer car export services that include:


  • Car purchase.
  • Pick up from any auto auction in Lower States and Alaska.
  • Purchase and shipping of auto parts.
  • Local transportation (in the US) to the port of loading.
  • Enclosed Auto Transport Between Alaska and Lower States.
  • Car warehousing before loading for shipment.
  • Container loading and international shipping.
  • Car export.
  • Car insurance.